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Top 10 Longest Animated Movie Series – The Most Cartoon 29 Apr 2018 You'll never guess number 1! If you've ever wondered what the longest animated movie series of all time is, this list is for you. Subscribe!

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The 10 Longest Running TV Shows - Pop Culture 1 Jun 2018 SVU will be the longest-running drama series in TV history, tying with the longest-running animated show and the longest-running primetime American. Ice-T joined in season two and has been on the series ever since. The 25 Best Animated Comic Book TV Shows Of All Time 13 Jan 2012 With only 20 episodes, Fantastic Four wasn't the longest-running comic Not only is this still the best Fantastic Four cartoon ever, but it easily 

The Longest Running Animated Shows of All-Time The Simpsons tops the list of longest running animated shows of all-time. in 1999 and has been one of Nickelodeon' most successful programs ever since. Sazae-san enters Guinness World Records as longest

24 Longest-Running TV Shows Ever! << Rotten Tomatoes – Movie Apr 18, 2017 · Doctor Who has come back to begin its overall 36th season, inspiring this week's gallery of the 24 longest-running TV shows ever! (We're mainly sticking with primetime, non-soap operas, and be prepared for lots of British shows! The 10 Longest-Running Comics That Have Never Been Renumbered

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The 10 Longest Running Television Shows Of All Time, Ranked 28 Sep 2019 Some TV shows have got what it takes to last longer than anyone had ever envisioned. Today we are ranking the ten longest-running TV shows in history. Americans love cops shows, hospital dramas and cartoons as the  'The Simpsons' and other longest-running prime-time scripted 26 Feb 2019 Fox's "The Simpsons" is the longest running scripted series in TV history, with 654 episodes -- and counting. But it had some tough competition 

4 Nov 2016 The Simpsons Is Set to Become the Longest Running TV Show but the beloved animated family is entering new ground as it heads toward a 

What are the longest-running TV cartoons, like, ever? 4 Aug 2016 Below we present you the list of the longest-running cartoons that have aired on UK television by season. The only rule is we're not counting  The Longest Running TV Cartoon, Ever | - Cartoon Research 9 Apr 2013 Alot of people believe that The Simpsons is the longest running TV cartoon, ever. It's easy to see why, with over 23 years and more than 500 

The 15 Longest-Running Primetime Animated Shows 16 Jul 2015 The 15 Longest-Running Primetime Animated Shows. horror police drama The CW Ovation Tumblr Cartoon Network DC Universe Sundance  Cartoon Network's 15 Best Animated Series | CBR 22 Jan 2017 Check out Cartoon Network's top 15 animated series! If you've ever dreamed of an endless summer vacation as a kid, then "Ed, Edd n for 10 years and become one of Cartoon Network's longest-running animated series. The Simpsons shoots past Gunsmoke to become the longest 26 Apr 2018 TV fans have long seen the day coming when the hit animated hit The more impressive, when you consider how few other cartoons ever had the opportunity These are the longest-running animated primetime TV shows:.

The Best Animated Series Of All Time—Ranked - Thedelite 5 Jun 2019 The titular character of Nickelodeon's longest-running animated show ever — a claim it earned way back in 2012 — is a brand all his own. "The Simpsons" to become longest-running primetime scripted 27 Apr 2018 After airing its 636th episode, the animated show will become the longest-running primetime scripted series, surpassing CBS' "Gunsmoke,"  As of now: The top 10 longest animated shows | Cartoon Amino 3 Nov 2018 Hey guys its yupo and todays list is of the longest ran cartoons in to run new episodes which caused it to be the 10th longest cartoon with 11 Longest show ever on Nickelodeon and is the current king of kids cartoons. 4.